Product quality

Lumimo's goal is to offer quality - this means both in terms of product design, ease of use, materials, durability and safety. Therefore, our selection includes brands that firmly take these principles into account in their production process.

LocknLock offers containers of different shapes and sizes. Elastic silicone and 4-side locking system guarantee the air and liquid proof cases. Different from other cases available in our shops, cases produced by LocknLock are fully air and liquid tight. This guarantees the freshness of the food and they are also very convenient in case you need to place the cases on the sides or transport them. Using LocknLock food containers you do not spend any money on cling film or folium, and you act in an environmentally responsible manner.

All the "bad smells" (fish, different types of cheese, etc) deserve a special attention - who hasn't felt these smells in the fridge? Using LocknLock airtight storage containers solves this problem and there is going to be a "fresh air" in your fridge.

Our goods also have high durability. Korea Environment and Merchandise Testing Institute (KEMTI) tested the locking system of LocknLock products and confirmed that this can stand 3 000 000 bends. 3 million bends means that even if you open LocknLock container every day 10 times, they still have an extremely long-term durability.

There are many people who try to avoid or minimise using plastic containers, the reason being that they have not had a chance to buy plastic containers that would meet their needs and requirements. Fortunately, LocknLock does not produce only high-quality plastic containers, but our range also includes those made of glass, ceramic, and metal.

Containers made of borosilicate glass are of high quality and durability at extreme temperatures: from -100 up to +400 degrees. This makes using LocknLock containers really convenient because glass vessels can be taken from the refrigerator and immediately placed into the oven or microwave, and they can also be used to serve food on the table. Apart from glass vessels available already now, LocknLock ceramic vessels have an impressive quality and the products fully meet the company's requirements: these are vessels of utmost durability and with eye-catching design at the same time.

Considering all the above-mentioned, there is a reasonable apprehension that perhaps all the good qualities make LocknLock containers too expensive for the consumer. LocknLock is not an expensive brand, it is affordable for all those people who value the qualities discussed here. LocknLock is definitely one of the most high-quality and reliable brands in its field. 

Today, the Dreamfarm design team has 5 members (including the two founders) who come up with new products on a daily basis. Their 3 principles for creating a new product are:

  1. Design must solve a problem
  2. The design must be original
  3. In addition to the appearance, the design must also work well and for a long time

Dreamfarm products are based on food-safe and non-hazardous materials such as stainless steel, high-quality silicone, nylon, wood. All products are of course BPA free. In addition, thorough testing has been completed in the laboratories of TÜV Süd, which is one of the world's largest and best-known product certification companies. These independent tests have been passed to ensure that the products are just as safe and durable as Dreamfarm promises to its fans.

Several international design awards at the red Dot competition and elsewhere give an idea of Dreamfarm's design quality.