About Lumimo

Lumimo is a family business focused on the distribution and retail of high-quality and smart home goods. Our primary goal is to offer products specifically for use in the kitchen, although some items find a function outside the kitchen as well. We see that too many products produced in the world do not last long enough and are inconvenient to use - we want to emphasize durability and ease of use in our selected assortment.

Today we sell two brands - Lock&Lock from South Korea and Dreamfarm from Australia.

Lock&Lock is a South-Korean company that was established in 1978 and that is focused on producing kitchen and household goods.

In 1997, the company decided to make bigger investments into development, and as a result, the LocknLock that we know today was born – one of the leading producers of containers for storing food and drinks and household goods in the world.

Plastic was chosen as the main material for the products. Analyzing the products of its own and its competitors, LocknLock discovered two major problems of plastic containers – they do not close tight enough and it is difficult to close and open them. LocknLock developed a four-side interlocking system and an elastic silicon seal. This solution keeps your food fresh a lot longer and you don't need to worry about food or drinks leaking out of the container. The products are designed so that you can place them on the sides enabling you to save a lot of space in the refrigerator or in a cupboard. LocknLock cases can be used in microwave and in the fridge, they are also dishwasher safe.

For now, LocknLock has more than 1000 patents, designs and brands have been registered in 68 countries, and the products are being sold in more than 100 countries all over the world. LocknLock keeps launching new products. 

Dreamfarm started in 2003 in Australia, created by people with an inventive spirit. From the beginning, their brand has been about the products that are used every day, but solve some typical design flaw or bottleneck that spoils the user experience. To make user's life more comfortable.

The focus area has been kitchen. Their cleverly designed products have won numerous awards from Red Dot, iF, Good Design Australia and others, and the desire to invent does not stop - new products are added to the list every year!

Lumimo is Dreamfarm's distributor in the Baltics and Finland.