Terms of Sale

Terms of sale

Online store LUMIMO.EU (hereinafter Online store) belongs to Lumimo OÜ  (registry code 16426190), location: Savimäe 6, Vahi, Tartu municipality, Tartu County, 60534.

Validity of sales conditions, product and price information

Sales conditions apply on ordering from the Online store.

Prices of the products are displayed next to the product. Delivery cost will be added to the total price.

Delivery cost depends on the location of the buyer and the way of delivery requested. Delivery cost will be calculated at checkout.

Information about the product is displayed right nearby the product.

Order confirmation

To order, add desired goods to the basket. Fill inn required fields and choose the way of transportation. After that, total cost of order is displayed on the screen, which can be paid by bank link or using other payment options.

Contract is valid after the client has made the payment and money has been transferred to Online store's bank account.

If order can not be completed due to product being out of stock or any other reason, buyer will be informed promptly and paid amount (including transportation costs) will be returned as soon as possible, but not later, than 14 days from receiving the notice.


Buyer covers the transportation costs, which is displayed on the transportation page

Deliveries will be delivered within 3-21 workdays, starting from the day, payment was made.

Backing out of a contract

Client has the right to back out of the contract within 14 days from receiving order.

Right to back out of a contract does not apply to a juridical person.

14 day return applies only, when the product has been used properly, in the way that it is meant to be tested in a real, physical store.

If the product has been used wrongly or has marks of wear or use, Online store has the right to lower the money returned, by the amount of damage or wear caused.

In order to return the goods, an application must be made, which can be found here: (http://e-kaubanduseliit.ee/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/JM_m41_lisa1.pdf). This application must be sent to info@lumimo.eu within 14 days of delivery.

Buyer covers the costs of return, except when wrong item is received or is defective. 

Buyer must return the goods within 14 days from sending the application, or give a proof, that the goods were given to the courier within those 14 days.

Online store returns all payments made by the client, that were made under the contract promptly, but not later than 14 days from receiving the return application.

Online store has the right to refuse returning money, until the goods are received or the buyer has given proof, that the following goods are handed over to the courier or post office, whichever takes place sooner.

If the buyer has choosen a different, more expensive delivery option, Online store does not take the responsibility to cover the excess amount paid for delivery.

Right to file a complaint

Buyer has the right to contact Online store within two weeks time, in case problems or faults emerge. By email: info@lumimo.eu or by phone: +372 5199 1192

Online store does not take responsibility for faults, that happened after handing over the goods to the buyer.

If the item bought from the Online store has defects or faults, that Online store takes responsibility for, a repair or replacement is carried trough. If the item can not be repaired or replaced, all costs stated on sales agreement will be returned.

Online store responds to complaints made by costumer within 15 days, in written form.

Direct marketing and processing of personal data

Online store uses personal data (name, phone number, address, email address, bank details) of customer only for order processing and shipping. Online store gives personal data to the delivery company only for delivery purposes.

Online store sends newsletters and offers to the customers email only, if the customer has insisted that.

Customer has the right to opt out from receiving newsletters and offers, by contacting us or by following the instructions given in the newsletters.

Dispute settlement

All complaints in behalf of the Online store can be sent trough email: info@lumimo.eu or by phone: +372 5199 1192

If the customer and Online store can not settle the dispute trough an agreement, then the customer has the right to the "Tarbijavaidluste komisjon." The procedural conditions and application can be found here(http://tarbijakaitseamet.ee/et/tarbijavaidluste-komisjon). "Tarbijavaidluste komisjon" settles the disagreements about the contract made between the customer and Online store. Review of the complaint for the customer is free.

Customer can turn to the European commision(https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home.chooseLanguage)